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Punks and Rastas are best friends!

CryptoRastas is a NFT project inspired by the now already legendary CryptoPunks (We are not affiliated w/ Larva Labs).

There will be only 420 CryptoRastas in world! So... Yes breddas and sistrens, run to lock yours! Collect it and join this community of peace, love and I-nity!

CryptoRastas is a creation of Marcus MPC, founder, selector and music producer of Digitaldubs sound system. He is fully involved in the reggae scene around the word, and is also a graphic designer. Each character is created, one by one, in the simplest pixel art style (24x24 px) , and has unique stories, properties and stats. Some are inspired by real people, anomimous or famous.

The profits of the project will be used to support reggae/rasta artists from Jamaica and diaspora.

Play the sweet reggae music, selectah! Inna 8bit style and fashion! buy it on opensea